First Impressions: Claire Delaney

Open Studio Project, 17th December 2019.
by Claire Delaney

First impressions. Saviour the excitement of the beginnings, before coming here each day becomes the norm. The thrill of a good coffee made for me from the groovy little cafe. The six of us artists making homes in our corners. As we cover pinboards with our inspirations.

Being creatively curious.

The challenge for me to draw my carnival of characters, who will reveal their stories in the coming weeks as my project takes shape. What comes first the words or the pictures? Actually both for me , as I cut up magazines to make my vision boards.

Lovely conversations in our studio while we encourage each other and share ideas, techniques and practices. Life stories overlap and friendships blossom. People wander in and chat while we work.

What a wonderful way to spend the summer and such a great opportunity for creative connections.