Rotorua Arts Village Strategy 2021–2024

OUR VISION is for Rotorua to be a vibrant, creative community where art makes life good.
OUR MISSION is to enable creativity and wellbeing through connection, collaboration, and innovation.


The Arts Village is committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and implementing change within our organisation to uphold it.

The Arts Village endeavours to actively work OF, BY, and FOR our community:

  • OF what matters to, and interests, our community.
  • Created BY our community.
  • FOR the use and enjoyment of our community.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Commercial strategy & building financial sustainability
  2. Collaborations and partnerships with stakeholders including, but not limited to:
    • Mana Whenua
    • Rotorua Lakes Council
    • Local arts and cultural organisations
  3. Raising The Arts Village profile & community awareness
  4. Improving accessibility & removing barriers to engaging with the Arts Village

Ngā Uara/Values:

Poipoi – Nurture–To create pathways and opportunities for Tamariki and Rangatahi to thrive.
Ārahitanga – Leadership–Using kaupapa such as Tuakana Teina to create leaders in the arts.
Whanaungatanga – Relationships–Collectivism, kinship and a sense of whānau connection,  for current, future and past generations.
Auahatanga – Innovation–Encouraging new and exciting projects that provoke ideas and challenge the status quo.
Urunga – Accessibility–The Arts Village promotes inclusivity and equity.
Whakauka – Sustainability–Creativity to find new ways to make art that can benefit the environment.
Oranga tonu tanga – Wellbeing–Projects that inspire, connect, and empower our community through art.

We foster and inspire our community to: 

  • CREATE: Make art, contribute to community projects/installations. 
  • LEARN: Build confidence, learn and develop new: skills, techniques, and approaches. 
  • SEE & FEEL: Be inspired, connected, and empowered through art. 
  • SHARE: Come together to kōrero, connect with others, and exchange knowledge. 
  • DO: Be involved in our community, take part in events and other activities.