Strategic Plan

The Arts Village is a non-profit arts-based community centre. 

OUR VISION is for Rotorua to be a vibrant, creative community, where art makes life good.

OUR MISSION is to actively work OF, BY, and FOR our community:

  • OF what matters to, and interests, our community.
  • Created BY our community.
  • FOR the use and enjoyment of our community.


  • Art is GOOD: Art in all forms has value.
  • Inclusiveness: Everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in the arts
  • Well-Being: Participating in the arts is essential to a happy and healthy community for us all.
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi: Earnest and meaningful relationships with mana whenua and tangata whenua.
  • Partnerships: We are part of a wider local, regional, and national community. Working together with others gets the best results for our community.
  • Relevance: Change, innovation, and the courage to try new things, are vital to creativity.
  • Sustainability: Creatives need opportunities to work, be paid, practice, support themselves, and contribute to local economy.

We foster and inspire our community to:

  • CREATE: Make art, contribute to community projects/installations.
  • LEARN: Build confidence, learn and develop new: skills, techniques, and approaches.
  • SEE & FEEL: Be inspired, connected, and empowered through art. 
  • SHARE: Come together to kōrero, connect with others, and exchange knowledge.
  • DO: Be involved in our community, take part in events and other activities.