The Arts Village in the Media

A collection of The Arts Village events and exhibitions that have been published in the media.

2022- 2023

Local Focus: We Need To Talk About Living – Kelly Shrimpton art exhibition focuses on grief and loss” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 22 June 2023)

Kāhu ki Rotorua: The dramatic faces of haka” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 5 May 2023)

All in Rotorua invited to take up paintbrushes and bring mural to life at The Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 22 April 2023)

Art in the Park bringing stalls of treasures and inspiration to Government Gardens” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 10 Feb 2023)

2021- 2022

Rotorua Arts Village celebrates 20 years and blossoming into hive of activity” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 11 Nov 2022)

The Arts Village stoked with generosity from Rotorua towards its art pātaka” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 2 Sept 2022)

Bhajan Sandhya organised by Hindu Youth at the Rotorua Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 10 June 2022)

Free Rotorua Arts Village music event celebrating NZ Music Month” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 26 May 2022)

Highlighting community groups and arts organisations at Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 9 May 2022)

The Arts Village hosts Art on the Green in Rotorua” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 25 April 2022)

Local photographers and authors share stories of discovery at Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 1 April 2022)

Rotorua’s Arts Village taking accessibility further with art pantry” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 18 March 2022)

Arts Village resident artists enjoy sharing creativity, growth and discovery” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 14 Jan 2022)

The Arts Village’s Summer Festival in Rotorua will have plenty to explore” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 26 November 2021)

Rotorua’s The Arts Village announces Open Studios resident artists” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 17 December 2021)

The Arts Village’s annual 200 Show is now back with range of mediums” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 3 December 2021)

Two group exhibitions on Arts Village gallery walls this November” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 12 November 2021)

Textile exhibition by Rotorua’s Ruth McMonagle opening at The Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 24 September 2021)

Q&A with The Arts Village’s new director Kellez Mcmanus” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 3 September 2021)

Applications now open for artists in residency at The Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 1 October 2021)

Rotorua’s Mary-Beth Acres leaving The Arts Village director role” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 30 July 2021)

Rotorua’s Arts Village looking forward to sharing August exhibitions” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 16 July 2021)

Buzz next month at The Arts Village as winter exhibitions open” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 25 June 2021)

Rotorua’s Arts Village in need of donations for garage sale fundraiser” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 18 June 2021)

Rotorua’s Arts Village buzzing as creativity and information shared” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 21 May 2021)

2020- 2021

Rotorua’s The Arts Village invites all to celebrate community and families” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 14 May 2021)

Children letting creativity flow at The Arts Village these school holidays” –  (Rotorua Daily Post, 30 April 2021)

Myriad of events and activities on offer for Rotorua’s April school holidays” –  (Rotorua Daily Post, 17 April 2021)

More than $60,000 in grants given to Rotorua arts initiatives” –  (Rotorua Daily Post, 9 April 2021)

Rotorua encouraged to celebrate its tamariki this Children’s Day” –  (Rotorua Daily Post, 5 March 2021)

Exhibition about the ‘uns’ of 2020 coming to Rotorua Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 5 March 2021)

Rotorua’s Art in the Park draws large crowds” –  (Rotorua Daily Post, 22 Feb 2021)

Craftsmanship to be explored at 2021 Art in the Park in Government Gardens” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 5 Feb 2021)

First ArtsMad of 2021 has ample opportunity for creative inspiration” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 2 Feb 2021)

TUAKANA TEINA exhibition celebrating Te Arawa’s creatives at Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 18 Jan 2021)

Three artists selected for pop-up summer residency at The Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 22 Dec 2020)

The Arts Village Summer Festival supports local and encourages creativity” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 4 Dec 2020)

More than 130 pieces on show in Rotorua Potters Group exhibition” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 23 Oct 2020)

The Arts Village Holiday Arts Academy is back in Rotorua” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 28 Aug 2020)

Rotorua Writers’ Group proud to launch collection of stories and poems” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 7 Aug 2020)

Pleasure Painters Annual Show on display at The Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 31 July 2020)

GO LOCAL! Rotorua arts scene encourages community to support local artists” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 15 May 2020)

Local Focus: Creatives get creative in Rotorua lockdown” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 2 April 2020)

Art exhibition a Rotorua Hospice and Kelly Shrimpton collaboration” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 2 March 2020)

Rotorua’s creative Art in the Park enjoys record numbers” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 21 Feb 2020)

Creativity and handmade goods return to Rotorua’s Art in the Park 2020” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 14 Feb 2020)

2017- 2019

The Arts Village Summer Festival buzzing as Rotorua enjoys variety” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 20 Dec 2019)

Arts Village Summer Festival in Rotorua for family day out and gift ideas” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 13 Dec 2019)

Rotorua lighting up the school holidays with Colour the Night” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 28 Jun 2019)

“Rotorua Community to come together in Love and Peace at concert” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 17 May 2019)

“Community, creativity and connections at Arts and Community Expo” –  (Rotorua Daily Post, 10 May 2019)

Art in the Park becomes a Pop-up Festival” – (Rotorua Daily Post,  15 March 2019)

Rotorua’s Art in the Park a day out to find handmade bargains” – (Rotorua Daily Post,  22nd Feb 2019)

“Rotorua’s Opera in the Pā quintessentially Kiwi” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 6 February 2019)

Rotorua community enjoys plenty of choice on offer at The Arts Village Summer Arts Festival and Artisan Fair” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 14 December 2018)

Successful Rotorua Nightmare at the Museum raises $2000 for charity”  – (Rotorua Daily Post, 14 September 2018)

Rotorua to light up with creativity at Colour the Night coinciding with Matariki” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 19 June 2018)

“‘Brainwaves’ art in Rotorua therapeutic for brain injuries” – (Rotorua Weekender, 8th June 2018)

“‘Exhibition in Rotorua to celebrate creativity and neurodiversity” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 2nd June 2018)

Rotorua Arts and Community expo is a hive of activity” – (Rotorua Weekender, 25th May 2018)

“Rotorua artists can show their creativity through installation” (Rotorua Daily Post, 19th May 2018)

“Rotorua Arts and Community Expo to help people get involved in the arts” (Rotorua Weekender, 18th May 2018)

“‘Rotorua Arts and Community Expo chance to find new hobbies” – (Rotorua Weekender, 11th May 2018)

“‘Rotorua children unleash their creativity these school holidays” – (Rotorua Weekender, 27th April 2018)

“‘$10k scholarship for the Art of War” – (Rotorua Review, 23rd April 2018)

“‘Rotorua student receives $10,000 scholarship for winning Rotorua Museum WW1 Art Competition” – (Rotorua Weekender, 21st April 2018)

“‘Rotorua’s Anzac Day commemorated with crafts and exhibition” – (Rotorua Weekender, 20th April 2018)

“‘Rotorua school holiday programmes booking out fast” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 14th April 2018)

“‘Rotorua community enjoys culture and art while fundraising for Cyclone Gita-hit Tonga” – (Rotorua Weekender, 2nd March 2018)

“‘Rotorua Children’s Weekend shaping up to be bigger than ever” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 2nd March 2018)

“‘Rotorua fundraiser to help Cyclone Gita victims in Tonga” – (Rotorua Weekender, 26th February 2018)

“‘Bustling crowd admires creativity at Rotorua’s Art in the Park” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 18th February 2018)

“‘Art and music at Art in the Park family day out in Rotorua” – (Rotorua Weekender, 17th February 2018)

“‘Accommodation at near-capacity ahead of big weekend in Rotorua” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 16th February 2018)

“‘Rotorua students’ chance to win $10,000 art scholarship” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 15th February 2018)

“‘Rotorua Art in the Park a family day out to find treasures” – (Rotorua Weekender, 9th February 2018)

“‘Taxidermy bat theft baffles Rotorua Arts Village” – (Rotorua Review, 30th January 2018)

“Taxidermy bat stolen from Rotorua Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 26th January 2018)

“‘Arts Night Out celebrates Rotorua’s new stage at The Arts Village with performances” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 20th January 2018)

“‘Arts Village projects coming together” – (Rotorua Weekender, 12th January 2018)

“Roto Rocks to celebrate its first birthday hiding and finding rocks” – (Rotorua Weekender, 12th January 2018)

“‘Cafe one of many additions to Rotorua Arts Village in 2018” – (Rotorua Weekender, 5th January 2018)

“‘Brainwaves’ art in Rotorua therapeutic for brain injuries” – (Rotorua Weekender, 15th December 2017)

“‘Rotorua Arts Village flat tack with stage fundraising and 200 Show” – (Rotorua Weekender, 8th December 2017)

“‘Australian artists win Rotorua’s first Mural Symposium” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 4th December 2017)

“‘Talented artists working hard in Rotorua Mural Symposium” – (Rotorua Weekender, 1st December 2017)

“Mural artists let creative juices flow at Rotorua symposium” – (Rotorua Weekender, 25th November 2017)

“Creative and vibrant fundraiser for outdoor stage” – (Rotorua Weekender, 17th November 2017)

“‘New outdoor resource on the horizon for the Arts Village” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 27th October 2017)

“ArtsMad creative talks at Rotorua feature Nicola Wright, Juliet Ransom” – (Rotorua Weekender, 9th August 2017)

“ArtsMAD to offer up inspiration” – (Rotorua Daily Post, 8th June 2018)