Barbara McKenzie

Heather Horton
[Deputy Chairperson]

Ingrid Snyman

Lani Eyles

Bobby Mihi Howard

Waitsu Wu

Ann-Elise Miles


Mary-Beth Acres 

Tania Heasman
[Finance Manager]

Frances Berkers
[Community Engagement Coordinator]

Maggie Covell
[Admin and Support Staff]


Internship Programme 2018

May 2018 - Hana Seo - [Arts Administration 1 - Internship for Migrant Jobseekers]

Advertised Soon - [Public Programmes - Internship for Art and Design Students - Glenys Courtney-Strachan]

Advertised Soon - [Arts Administration 2 - Internship for Migrant Jobseekers]


We also wish to acknowledge the many volunteers who assist us at all levels in the running of The Arts Village, and have done so since we first opened in 2002.



Our huge thanks to the organisations who support our dream of making rotorua a vibrant, creative community where everyone who wants to participate in the arts, can.

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