Open Studios Project Summer Residency

We are delighted to share that the following artists have been awarded residencies for the upcoming season of the Open Studios Project 2019/2020:

  • Amanda Echevarria (Philippines)
  • Christine O’Donnell (Auckland)
  • Claire Delaney (Rotorua)
  • Gayle Heath (Rotorua)
  • Te Manaia Jennings (Rotorua)
  • Virginia Kennard (Christchurch)

About the Project:

The Open Studios Project is a summer artist residency programme run by The Arts Village. The residency has been delivered since 2011 and focuses on providing artists with studio space, materials and a broad brief for projects that engage the community and extend on their arts practice. With the help of our key funders, we have supported 38 artists in residence at The Arts Village during this time.

 The aims of the project are:

  • To bring our community together through the arts.
  • To enrich our community through new arts programming.
  • To create opportunity for collaboration between artists.
  • To incubate creative talent in Rotorua through providing the time, space, and resources to make new work.
  • To encourage experimentation and innovation in the development of artist practices.

The project will this year award residencies to at least three artists who will share a studio as their own working space over the six-week time period from mid-December 2018 to January 2019 .

They will each receive a materials grant and a stipend to support their living costs during the six weeks. The amounts of the grants for the coming season (2019/2020) are yet to be confirmed. For reference, last season (2018/2019) these grants were a living stipend of $2000 and materials grant of $500.

Each artist will be expected to:

  1. Work on a specific project as part of their own arts practice, over the six weeks in their residency space.
  2. Each carry out a minimum of 12 hours of free workshops/demonstrations/classes that either teach a skill or contribute to the artists’ project
  3. Be present and working onsite for 6 x weekly open studio sessions where studio spaces are open for public viewing & engagement.
  4. Give an arts talk about themselves and their project at the opening of the residency.
  5. Contribute to an online blog during the residency.
  6. Exhibit/perform/present work to a showcase event at the close of the residency.