Applications Open for Summer Residency

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The Open Studios Project is a Summer artist residency programme run by The Arts Village in Rotorua. The residency has been delivered since 2011, focusing on providing artists with studio space, materials, and a broad brief for projects that engage the community and extend their arts practice.

 The aims of the project are:

  • To enliven and enhance our community through engagement with the arts
  • To connect artists to their audiences
  • To provide an environment for artists and arts practitioners to fulfil their potential by having the time, space, and means to experiment and to be innovative
  • To support and further the development of artist’s creative practices

The project will this year award residencies to three artists who will share a studio as their own working space over the six-week time period from mid-December 2018 to January 2019 . 

They will each receive a materials grant and a stipend to support their living costs during the six weeks. The amounts of the grants for the coming season (2018/2019) are yet to be confirmed. For reference, last season (2017/2018) these grants were a living stipend of $2000 and materials grant of $500.

The expectations of each artist will be:

  • To give a pecha-kucha style presentation at the start of the residency covering their arts practice and intentions for the residency.
  • To work on their own arts practice during the six weeks in an allocated work space in a shared studio (Studio Two) at The Arts Village.
  • To each carry out a minimum of 12 hours of free workshops/demonstrations/public talks for the public to participate in either to teach an artistic skill/creative approach, learn more about the artists practice,  or contribute to the creation of a community artwork.
  • To present a final showcase in the closing week of the residency open to the public which could include: a talk/presentation/works/performance. This will depend on the individual artist and how this suits their practice.


Monday 10th September, 5.30pm to 7pm at The Arts Village, Info Session: Should you apply for the Open Studios Project? This event is an informal info session where you can mix and mingle and bring your questions about the Open Studios Project. Our staff will talk about the process and help you with any questions you have. We can also share some a few examples of successful applications from previous years. Some fantastic alumni are also coming to talk about their experiences on the project.


Can my project change from my original application?

We understand that the creative process can result in changes, and we want what is best for you and your project. If your project/workshops/budget changes during your residency, speak to The Arts Village team. We can work together to make sure your new direction works for all involved. Don’t feel pressure to stick to your original plan if it is not working for you.

I am planning to be away during Christmas/New Years, should I still apply?

The Arts Village will be closed from the 23rd of December to the 2nd of January. Although artists would still have access to their studio during this time, artists and not expected to be onsite everyday. Artists would not be able to run workshops during this time. If you are planning to be away for a period of time during the residency, you could perhaps consider ways to work in some research/work towards your project during your trip and include this in your application.

Will I still own my work?

Photos taken during the residency and ownership of the Open Studios Project is retained by the Rotorua Arts village Trust and may be used for promotional purposes by The Arts Village and associated funders for this project.

Ownership of all work produced during the project remains with the artist.

Can I apply with a partner?

Yes you can! You can apply as a collaborative duo working on the same project. Just be sure to make it very clear in your application why it is important for you to apply and work together. If your project will be run largely by one person, with another artist assisting, you could consider applying as an individual. Just include in your application that you would like to bring another artist in to collaborate with you.

Does The Arts Village provide accomodation during the artist residency?

The Arts Village Summer Artist Residency is a studio residency only, meaning we do not provide accommodation. We do however, provide artists with a living stipend, which could go towards accommodation costs for out-of-town artists. Amount TBC; for reference the 2017-2018 stipend was $2000.

What does the Shared Studio Space look like?

Image contains a floor plan of Studio 2. A kitchenette is located on the upper right corner together with the hang out zone. On the upper left is a square containing the words "Artist Space". Two more squares on each side of the bottom part of the picture also contain the words "Artist Space."