The Open Studios Project 2017/2018

The Open Studios Project is a Summer artist residency programme run by The Arts Village in Rotorua. The residency has been delivered since 2011 and focuses on providing artists with studio space, materials and a broad brief for projects that engage the community and extend on their arts practice. 

Applications Open: 23rd September

Applications Close: 4th November

We encourage all artists who may be thinking of applying to contact us with any questions ahead of time and we can help you with your application. There are some changes from previous years, so do pay close attention to the details.

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 The aims of the project are:

  • To enliven and enhance our community through engagement with the arts
  • To connect artists to their audiences
  • To provide an environment for artists and arts practitioners to fulfil their potential by having the time, space, and means to experiment and to be innovative
  • To support and further the development of artist’s creative practices

The project will this year award residencies to three artists who will share a studio as their own working space over the six week time period from mid-December 2017 to January 2018 .  They will each receive a materials grant and a stipend to support their living costs during the six weeks.

The expectations of each artist will be:

  • To give a pecha-kucha style presentation at the start of the residency covering their arts practice and intentions for the residency.
  • To work on their own arts practice during the six weeks in an allocated work space in a shared studio (Studio Two) at The Arts Village.
  • To carry out at least 2 public talks during the six week period (this may include the opening pecha-kucha talk).
  • To each carry out a minimum of 10 hours of free workshops for the public to participate in either to teach an artistic skill/creative approach or contribute to the creation of a community artwork.
  • To present a final showcase in the closing week of the residency open to the public which could include: a talk/presentation/works/performance. This will depend on the individual artist and how this suits their practice